A bit about The Bobs

Well I guess if you're here it means you'd like to know a little bit more about the Bobs. I suppose we ought to start by saying that neither of us are actually called Bob, we're not even Roberts, we are in fact Matt Brown (Big Bob) and Ben Roome (Little Bob) and yes that's us up there ^

So why the Bobs? Quite simply, one of our first clients couldn't remember who was who and referred to us as 'The Bobs, Big and Little' and it's kinda stuck with us ever since!

We met each other a good few years ago now, after Big Bobs mum set us up on a man date (yeah a bit weird, we know). But give her credit, we got on straight away and to be honest we're more like brothers than mates and some people even say we look quite similar..... (wonder if Big Bobs mum knows something we don't?!?).

So how did we end up doing this?

Well "Little Bob" has been in the design and print industry for the past 15 years or so, working mainly in packaging design. Having studied Graphic design and Photography at college he rediscovered his passion for photography around 6 years ago and can't seem to put his camera down. During this time Matt "Big Bob" spent 10yrs as a commercial bank manager before leaving his job 5yrs ago to pursue a career in photography (fitting in a short stint as a dinner lady but thats another story). Alongside commercial and event photography Big Bob shoots lots of lovely couples on their wedding days and he even went and got married himself last year to Mrs Big Bob.

So that was us, Matt and Ben... happily going our merry way in life when one day an opportunity came along which gave birth to the place you're at now... MBR Event Images.

In life sometimes the unexpected and unplanned things turn out to be some of the best and we can totally agree that this is one of those things.

We love our work.... simple. We get to work with some amazingly talented people in some awesome places doing something we love and are passionate about.

So what's next?? Give us a shout and we'll see.